We Need To Talk About Long-Term Care, Now

We Need to Talk About Long-Term Care, Now

Around 70% of individuals aged 65 or older will eventually require some form of long-term care. Moreover, the proportion of the population aged 65 and older is expected to increase from 17.3% to 22% by 2040. Factor in the aftermath of the Covid-19...

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The Drawbacks Of Early Social Security Benefits

The Drawbacks of Early Social Security Benefits

The Drawbacks of Early Social Security Benefits Many people jump to the opportunity of taking their social security benefit the second that they are eligible. While we all have free will and can do as we please it is important to not rush to make...

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Bypass The Limits Using The Backdoor Roth Ira

Bypass the Limits Using the Backdoor Roth IRA

A backdoor Roth IRA serves as a clever loophole for individuals whose incomes surpass the limits set by the IRS for direct Roth IRA contributions. Essentially, it involves contributing to a traditional IRA with already-taxed funds and then...

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Not Just “Having A Baby”: The Price Of Parenthood

Not Just “Having a Baby”: The Price of Parenthood

The decision to have a child was once considered a societal necessity, driven by social norms, expectations, and financial considerations. Traditionally, children were seen as retirement plans. However, a shift in mindset is evident among younger...

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How To Measure Your Financial New Years Resolution

How to Measure your Financial New Years Resolution

New Year's resolutions often face challenges due to a common oversight in the goal-setting process—specifically, the lack of a quantifiable measure of progress. When it comes to financial goals, the key lies in breaking down objectives into...

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