Co-Founder, Munn & Morris Financial Advisors

Edward Morris

Ed Morris co-founded Munn & Morris Financial Advisors with Irv Munn in 1999. He retired in June 2021 to spend more time with his family.

He had extensive experience as a financial advisor. Ed started his career in 1990 with First Investors Corporation. In 1993, he joined the Oppenheimer Management Corporation as a regional sales representative, where he was responsible for the development of territories with an outside wholesaler. Over the next three years, he played a critical role in growing Oppenheimer’s assets in the southwest region from $25 million to $140 million.

In 1996, Ed expanded his field experience as a financial advisor with Financial Network Investment Corporation. There, he helped individuals and small businesses with their stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and insurance for three years. Ed joined Raymond James Financial Services as a branch manager and financial advisor in 1999.  

Ed Headshot

Personal Life

After retiring, Ed and his wife Liz moved to the Denver area to be closer to family. They plan to build their dream home, go on hikes and bike rides, and find ways to give back to the community. Ed’s most valuable role, however, will be spending time with his new granddaughters, Amelia and Charlotte.

Ed spent the last 30 years practicing what he preaches to his clients, and the result is a life rich with happy clients, friends, loving family, and adventures yet to come. When asked about his success, he says there is no secret to what he’s achieved. “It’s just being kind to people and doing the right thing by them, and for them.”