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Client Services Manager

Rebecca Criswell

Rebecca is a Texas native who grew up attending school in Mesquite, Texas. There, she was involved in numerous projects that helped to shape her interest in communication and interaction with others, including show choir and student council. After high school, Rebecca attended the University of Texas at Arlington and received her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communications with a Minor in Communications Studies in 2012. All the while, she managed to hold down a part-time job and participate in an after-school program called ‘UTA News en Español’.


Staying busy has never been a problem for Rebecca, which is why she’s always been a perfect fit for the teams she’s been a part of. These have included marketing, procurement, and order fulfillment teams, with each promoting Rebecca through their ranks based on her hard work and diligence on the job. Hired as an assistant to a marketing director, she has quickly promoted to the position of marketing director herself. From there, she worked in the procurement office of a neuroscience department before moving on to work in order fulfillment at a family furniture store and finally manage the customer accounts there.

That drive to keep moving onward and upward is something that Rebecca is proud to bring to Munn Gray & Associates – and something the company is proud to have represented in one of our employees. Working with the delicate issues of people’s financial futures may be one of the most important tasks Rebecca’s career path has ever led her to, but as part of the expert staff here at Munn Gray & Associates, she is sure to continue handling the challenge just as well as she has every other one life has presented her.

Rebecca Criswell2 Scaled

Personal Life

Rebecca was married on the beach in Destin, Florida to Brett in 2014. After the honeymoon in Hawaii, they moved to Utah for a few years to experience the great outdoors. In Utah, they enjoyed camping, hiking, kayaking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. After moving back to Texas to be closer to family they welcomed a baby girl named Aria in 2019. Rebecca enjoys traveling, cooking, reading and spending time with her family and friends.