Saving money is difficult. We often have a hard time limiting spending and setting aside funds for later because it feels like there’s no immediate reward. The reward comes in the future when you could have more financial freedom.   There are lots of reasons to start saving money, but an obvious one is retirement.   Retirement Most people don’t want to work forever. If you do, that’s fine too, but you may want to work less and still have the financial stability of a packed retirement account. No one wants to retire and still worry about money, but it’s a growing reality for some people. There are so many great tools that can help to maximize your retirement funds: IRA’s, 401k’s, and many other options that we would love to discuss with you personally.    Future needs aren’t the only thing you should be saving for.   Emergencies Did you know that most Americans do not have enough money saved to cover even small emergency expenses such as minor car repairs? Many people end up turning to credit cards or loans to cover these expenses and taking on debt in an emergency is usually not a positive thing.    Unfortunately for many, a brief period of unemployment due to an injury or other cause could be a major detriment to their savings and credit. It is recommended by many experts that a person save at least three months’ worth of moderate expenses, so that if anything happens they have the savings to cover them for up to a quarter of the year.    Investing Imagine earning more money simply by putting the money you have saved to work for you! It can be a big win, and compound earnings can increase your accounts significantly over time. Investment is a great opportunity to increase your savings without putting in extra hours at your job.   You deserve it Seriously, you deserve your savings. You work hard to earn a living, and you should have the peace of mind that comes with it. Having savings decreases the risk that you’ll need to rely on credit which can be stress inducing. You could have more flexibility and independence to do things like start a business or go back to school, you could take risks that were not possible without the cushion of a nice savings account. Convinced that saving for the future is the right thing to do? Please call us to discuss how you can make regular saving part of your financial plan.