Not all financial planners are the same

Why choose a CFP®?

Most people think that all financial planners are “certified,” but this isn’t true. Anyone can call himself or herself a “financial planner.” Only those who have fulfilled the certification and renewal requirements of CFP Board can display the CFP® certification marks.

CFP® Certification Requirements: The Four E’s

Individuals certified by CFP Board have taken the extra step to demonstrate their professionalism by voluntarily submitting to the rigorous CFP® certification process that includes demanding education, examination, experience and ethical requirements. These standards are called “the four E’s,” and they are four important reasons why the financial planning practitioner you select should display the CFP® certification marks.



CFP® professionals must develop their theoretical and practical financial planning knowledge by completing a comprehensive course of study at a college or university offering a financial planning curriculum approved by CFP Board.



CFP® practitioners must pass a comprehensive two-day, 10-hour CFP® Certification Examination that tests their ability to apply financial planning knowledge in an integrated format.



CFP® professionals must have three years’ minimum experience in the financial planning process prior to earning the right to use the CFP® certification marks.


As a final step to certification, CFP® practitioners agree to abide by a strict code of professional conduct, known as CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility that sets forth their ethical responsibilities to the public, clients and employers.

Go Straight to the Source

Roy Gray, a CFP® Professional on the Munn Gray & Associates team is one of the teachers for the certificate in financial planning at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. This is one of the course requirements in order to apply to be a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.


Roy Gray Cfp Vice President Private Wealth Management Munn Gray &Amp; Associates Dallas Texas 1
Roy Gray Cfp Vice President Private Wealth Management Munn Gray &Amp; Associates Dallas Texas 1